Stepped into the world of creativity in early 2003, and those tiny steps are now converting into the strides… our intention is to fill the world with colours and imagination with the help of unparalleled creativeness.

Since 2003

become professionals

How a young boy can have professional experience in designing?

Yes, this small packet looking boy is no less than a wonder. At the age of 12 he left the school, for the Passion of Creativity & Designing… He did not have much of bookish education but he has life’s own degree called… i.e. Experience. Jokingly he says I don’t make epic designs, but whenever I do people become awwww.. 🙂

With this age, the creativity keep on multiplying. Now, he is proving himself out of crowd when the matter comes to Branding, Packaging, Corporate Identity, Brochure Design and many more… and still keeps expanding the horizons… Target is to shoot the continuous goals and to create another goal post where he should be found himself with his own individuality.